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Bernard de Leye Gallery

Collection: 1800 — Pair of candelabra

1800 - Paris (France)
Jean-Charles Cahier
Pair of candelabra


The circular base shows a wide torus of water leaves alternated by acanthus leaves, the whole on amati background and lined with a pearl row. The plain navel wears a row of stings. The top of the navel wears palmettes alternated with foliages. The stalk is constituted by wide alternated stings. On the top, cut silhouettes in bronzes of Thomire. The three arms are connected with a central element decorated with four feminine faces in the classic art. The four arms are decorated with palmettes, stars and foliages. At the base of each arm a wide rolled up foliage ending by a flower button of which the heart represents dog head.

Marks description

~ First city mark of Paris standing for the years 1819/1838
~ Grosse garantie of the city of Paris
~ Master silversmith Jean-Charles Cahier

Movement description


Jean-Charles Cahier

Jean-Charles Cahier was the main collaborator of Martin-Guillaume Biennais, whom he takes over the business in 1819 including drawings. Despite the fact that he had the favors during the Restoration in France, he went bankrupt in 1828.

Material data

Height : 53 cm
Width : 35,7 cm
Base diameter : 18,7 cm
Weight : 8950 grams


1809-1819_cand_jean-charles_cahier_01 1809-1819_cand_jean-charles_cahier_02 1809-1819_cand_jean-charles_cahier_03 1809-1819_cand_jean-charles_cahier_04 1809-1819_cand_jean-charles_cahier_05 1809-1819_cand_jean-charles_cahier_06 1809-1819_cand_jean-charles_cahier_07 1809-1819_cand_jean-charles_cahier_08 1809-1819_cand_jean-charles_cahier_09