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Bernard de Leye Gallery

Collection: 1800 — Dairyman

1800 - Paris (France)
Jean-Charles Cahier


This dairyman’s model was realized by Biennais according to a drawing attributed to Percier for Napoleon I and Joséphine service and later for Marie Louise’s service, executed in 1810.
A totally identical model was also realized by Biennais for Nicolas Pavlovitch in 1817.
The circular base is constituted by godrons finishing with rolling-ups leaves. The body in egg-shaped form is decorated at the base by foliages. The central banner represents winged genius feeding a goat. The black wooden handle weakens in the bottom by a head of ram.

Marks description

~ City mark of de Paris (1st row) standing for the years 1819/1838
~ Garantee mark for silver items
~ Master silversmith Jean-Charles Cahier

Movement description


Jean-Charles Cahier

Jean-Charles Cahier was the main collaborator of Martin-Guillaume Biennais, whom he takes over the business in 1819 including drawings. Despite the fact that he had the favors during the Restoration in France, he went bankrupt in 1828.

Material data

Height : 27,8 cm
Base diameter : 7 cm
Weight : 798 grams


1819-1838_crem_jean-charles_cahier_01 1819-1838_crem_jean-charles_cahier_02 1819-1838_crem_jean-charles_cahier_03 1819-1838_crem_jean-charles_cahier_04