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Bernard de Leye Gallery

Collection: 1775 — Soup tureen

1775 - Paris (France)
Joseph-Théodore Vancombert
Soup tureen


Four feet ending with acanthus leaves. The plain bowl wears two handles in volutes ending by leaves. The lid ends by a large grip in pomegranate on leaves.

Marks description

~ City mark of de Paris – Fermier Général Jean-Baptiste Fouache (18 November 1774 – 13 July 1780)
~ Date mark ‘Jurande’ – Letter O – standing for the years 1777/1778
~ Master silversmith Joseph-Théodore Vancombert

Movement description


Joseph-Théodore Vancombert

In 1770, after his trade guilds practised at various teachers abroad and in France, Joseph Théodore is received master silversmith in Paris, guaranteed by Pierre Montagne. He makes insculper his mark with a crowned lily flower, two grains, J T V, a lily. Works of Vancombert are quite frequently met in collections.

Material data

Height : 24 cm
Lenght with handles : 31,5 cm
Weight : 2071 grams


1777_948_soup_joseph-theodore_vancombert_01 1777_948_soup_joseph-theodore_vancombert_02 1777_948_soup_joseph-theodore_vancombert_03