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Bernard de Leye Gallery

Collection: 1850 — Vase

1850 - Paris (France)
André Aucoc


Large silver-gilt vase in antique shape. The circular base is decorated with a acanthus leaves garland. The squared base with a decoration of piastres is supported by four claws feet topped by winged fawns heads . The egg-shaped vase is decorated with acanthus leaves and wide reeds. Two motives of winged sea horses carrying a goddess are put under a wide flowery garland. Two winged victories, holding a crown are on both sides of the vase and act as handle. The semi-hemispherical lid is decorated with a sowing of stars.

Marks description

~ Mark of the city of Paris (1st silver title) standing for the years after 1838
~ Master silversmith André Aucoc – Mark A. Aucoc

Movement description


André Aucoc

André Aucoc is originated from a dynasty of silversmith (also seen as Aucocq)
~ JEAN-BAPTISTE AUCOC silversmith at 4 rue de la Paix insculpation on 30 July 1839. Mark: C A, with a cock and a star
~ LOUIS AUCOC, silversmith at 6 rue de la Paix – Insculpation le 2 July 1856. Mark: L A, with a cock and a star
Louis Aucoc has two sons
I. Louis Aucoc born 21 September 1850 in Paris. He became jeweler as his father. He is President of the jewelers and silversmith chamber in Paris.
II. André Aucoc is the second son of Louis (senior), born 16 March 1856 in Paris. Holder of the legion of honor.

Material data

Height : 71 cm
Width : 47 cm
Weight : 16.200 grams


This vase is executed according to the model of the famous tea fountain realized by Martin-Guillaume Biennais for the service of Napoleon and Marie Louise.
This tea fountain is now part of collections of the Musée du Louvre in Paris. (Inventory OA9537).
The original project drawn by Charles Percier is a part of collections of the Museum of the Decorative arts of Paris. André Aucoc is regularly inspired by models of the XVIIIth as for this vase reproducing the model of Biennais.

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