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Bernard de Leye Gallery

Collection: 1800 — Dish cover

1800 - Paris (France)
Jean-Baptiste-Claude Odiot
Dish cover


This cover of Jean-Baptiste Claude Odiot was ordered by Louis-Philippe, Duke of Orléans and king of France in 1823. Willing to complete the Penthièvre-d’Orléans service, he ordered Odiot to produce the counterpart of the cover of Antoine-Sébastien Durant dating 1754. Louis-Philippe added his coat of arms of Orléans on these two covers becoming “a pair”. This type of cover was put on the table to keep the dishes warm. This model of cover called ‘matelotte’ was initially planned to keep warm the fish dishes on the table. The size of the piece as well as its impressive weight rather suggest that it was used as table decoration, this would also justify the wealth of the decoration.
Both covers are mentioned in an inventory established under Louis-Philippe’s reign as follows “Two big covers in matelotte, 93 marcs, 4 ounces, 4 gros”.
The top of the covers shows a magnificent still life made up with fishes of a striking realism. Despite of the abundance of elements on the covers, they show a remarkable harmony where every ornament has its place what ever which angle you look at.
A rich composition where a carp, a lamprey, oysters and gudgeons are muddled. A “sea woodcock” holding in its beak a small sardine springs out from the whole composition. At one of the sides, a net is put on a bed of seaweeds containing small sardines.vBR> The cover bases on four wide projections decorated with different titles. Each shows foliages on a reed bottom. Garlands of foliage on both sides. On each sides of the long part, a child on two fantastic dolphins is carrying the royal coat of arms. The whole is arranged on a bed of water surrounded with wild iris. Both side titles show aquatic motives with herons and a swan eaten by a dog. All the ornamental elements on this cover is layed with elegance and very well balanced.

Marks description

~ City mark of Paris (1st title) standing for the years 1819/1838
~ Grosse garantes city mark of Paris standing for the years 1819/1838
~ Master silversmith Jean-Baptiste-Claude Odiot

Movement description


Jean-Baptiste-Claude Odiot

Material data

Height : 28 cm
Lenght : 58 cm
Width : 45 cm
Weight : circa 9.400 grams


Jean-Baptiste-Claude Odiot participates in the exhibition of Paris of August 25th, 1823, he presents it pieces designed to complete the service of Penthièvre belonging to Louis-Philippe, Duke of Orléans. The jury of the exhibition, dazzled by his work, awards him the golden medal.

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