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Bernard de Leye Gallery

Collection: 1800 — Wine cooler

1800 - Paris (France)
Jean-Baptiste-Claude Odiot
Wine cooler


The vase has a Medici shape. The circular base shows a row of friezes with leaves alternated with rays surmounted by a row of a pearls. The tronconique foot wears concave godrons. Above, we find a frieze of roses between two rows of pearl. The upper snare shows two rows leaves. The top of the cylindrical paunch, wears a bas-relief with Apollo holding the skin of Némée lion. Handles weaken by naiads’ head topped with rushes. The collar is lined with a frieze of leaves. The lid showing the letter mark of the Grand duke is removable.

Marks description

~ First city mark of Paris standing for the years 1819/1838
~ Grosse garantee of the city of Paris standing for the years1819/1838
~ Master silversmith Jean-Baptiste-Claude Odiot

Movement description


Jean-Baptiste-Claude Odiot

Material data

Height : 29 cm
Base diameter : 13,7 cm
Cooler diameter : 21,6 cm
Weight : 2865 grams


1809-1819_rafr_jean-baptiste-claude_odiot_03 1809-1819_rafr_jean-baptiste-claude_odiot_01 1809-1819_rafr_jean-baptiste-claude_odiot_02 1809-1819_rafr_jean-baptiste-claude_odiot_04 1809-1819_rafr_jean-baptiste-claude_odiot_05 1809-1819_rafr_jean-baptiste-claude_odiot_06 1809-1819_rafr_jean-baptiste-claude_odiot_07