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Bernard de Leye Gallery

Collection: 1800 — Pair of sweetmeat dishes

1800 - Paris (France)
Marc Jacquart
Pair of sweetmeat dishes


A triangular console, chiseled with a row of water leaves, three columns with claw foot ending with magnificent winged Egyptian headgear. The semi-spheric cup is smooth and plain. A false cup constituted by godrons ending by foliages and palmettes is added. The plain lid is topped by a seed with foliages.
This pair of sweetmeat dishes is a remarkable example of the outstanding technical skill of the artist Jacquart and may be compared with Jean-Baptiste-Claude Odiot. This model in the shape of a ‘cassolette à l’antique’, is a striking example of the neo classicism perfection achieved during the imperial era.

Marks description

~ City mark (first row) of Paris standing for the years 1798/1809
~ Garantee of the city of Paris standing for the years 1798/1809
~ Master silversmith Marc Jacquart
~ Mark of silversmith association: a female head in an oval

Movement description


Marc Jacquart

Silversmith marking MJ and a thyrse in a diamond. Insculpation in 1798.

Material data

Height : 27,6 cm
Diameter : 15,3 cm
Weight : 2967 grams for the pair


1798-1809_01 1798-1809_02