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Bernard de Leye Gallery

Collection: 1775 — Coffee pot

1775 - Liege (Belgium)
Jean-Melchior Dartois
Coffee pot


The circular base rests on a piédouche chiselled by a frieze of egg-shaped and interlacing. On the navel, a frieze of pearls. The paunch is plain and encircled by a banner engraved by foliages. The spout weakens on the paunch by piastres and a shell topped by a pearl row. The lid lined with laurel ends by a dome in godrons. The fretel is in bouquet of twig with fruits.

Marks description

~ City mark of the Prins-bischop of Liège – Constantin-François de Hoensbroeck (17 August 1784 – 3 June 1792)
~ Bicephalous eagle standing for the year 1784
~ Date mark – Lettre E – standing for year 1788
~ Master silversmith Jean-Melchior Dartois – active from 1755-1793

Movement description


Jean-Melchior Dartois

Material data

Height : 32,5 cm
Base diameter : 11,5 cm
Weight : 1364 grams


1788_jean-melchior_dartois_01 1788_jean-melchior_dartois_02