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Bernard de Leye Gallery

Collection: 1750 — Plate

1750 - Paris (France)
François-Thomas Germain


This plate reproduces exactly as it was one of the models of round plates ordered to François-Thomas Germain for the plate service of the Court of Portugal in 1757. Eight of these plates are presently preserved at the National Museum of Ancient Arts of Lisbon.

Marks description

~ City mark of Paris – Fermier Général Jean-Jacques Prévost (1st October 1762 – 1st October 1768)
~ Control mark “Décharge” for works exported abroad
~ Date mark “Jurande” – letter A – for the years 1764/1765
~ Master silversmith François-Thomas Germain

Movement description


François-Thomas Germain

Silversmith born in 1726. He is the son of Thomas Germain and Anne-Marie Gauchelet. Aged 22 and thanks to the protection of the king, he is received master silversmith six months after the death of his father in 1748. Living at the galleries of the Louvre, he uses two marks – crowned Lily flower, two grains, F T G, a fleece. In 1750, after the family sharing, he takes the lead of the paternal workshop and rapidly enlarged it. The first ten years of his career are bringing him considerable orders: for the Furniture storehouse, the Presents of the king, the Courts of Portugal and of Russia on top of his numerous private clientele. Nevertheless 1760 shows the beginning of its financial difficulties which end in his bankruptcy declared in 1765 for more than one million. This disaster is considered as the most scandalous of the 18th century. Nevertheless the king refuses him to lose his title of"silversmith’s of the king" and he even allows him to continue to work.

Material data

Diameter : 29,5 cm
Weight : 953 grams


1764_plat_ft_germain Dessin_plat_germain