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Bernard de Leye Gallery

Collection: 1725 — Teapot

1725 - Dunkerque (France)
Guillaume Angilles


The teapot rests on a circular base lined with a row of godrons. The paunch is decorated in its bottom of a magnificent decoration with long leaves alternated with trilled leaves, on a amati background. A plain banner in the middle. The center of the bowl shows engraved coat of arms. The lid is underlined by a row of godrons. The spout ends with a head. Both cylindrical baskets enclose a darkened wooden handle sculptured with acanthus leaf.

Marks description

~ Recognition mark city of Dunkerque – a crowned dolphin – Juridiction de Lille
~ Date mark – letter T – standing for the year 1742
~ Master silversmith Guillaume Angilles

Movement description


Guillaume Angilles

He was born in 1702 and was received in 1732. He lives in Royal street until 1739 then Piesters street until his death on April 21st, 1744. Guillaume Angilles is appointed for the restoration of the silversmith of saint Eloi between 1737 and 1743. His widow will take over his mark after his her death under the mark VA crowned for Widow Angilles.

Material data

Height : 20 cm
Base diameter : 10,5 cm
Weight : 900 grams


1742_01 1742_02