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Bernard de Leye Gallery

Collection: 1725 — Thee pot

1725 - Bruges (Belgium)
Joannes Vincke
Thee pot


The piriform body with eight sides is plain. The lid with hinge has the same section as the body and is topped by a wooden button. The top of the handle with wooden volute is sculpted with a head of Negro.

Marks description

~ Mark of the city of Bruges : a crowned lion head + a gothic b
~ Date mark – letter A – standing for the years 1740/1741
~ Master Silversmith Joannes Vincke

Movement description


Joannes Vincke

Material data

Height : 20,3 cm
Base diameter : 13,5 cm
Weight : 734 grams


1740-1741_the_joannes_vincke_01 1740-1741_the_joannes_vincke_02