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Bernard de Leye Gallery

Collection: 1725 — Coffee pot

1725 - Mons (Belgium)
marking with two crossed hearts
Coffee pot


Three magnificent feet in volutes weaken on the paunch by a tie in shell form. The piriforme paunch is constituted by six festoons alternated by six straight pieces chiselled of egg-shaped surmounted by a long vertical net. The beak, melted and brought back, represent shells stretched with falls of pearls. Cover beak is decorated with a big shell and with small volutes. The lid has the same section as the base. The button in panache is put on alternated godrons. Two hexagonal baskets enclose a wooden handle.

Marks description

~ Mark of the city of Mons – one tower + AE sticked and crowned included in an oval ecu
~ Date mark – letter S – standing for the years 1737/1739
~ Master Silversmith marking with two crossed hearts

Movement description


marking with two crossed hearts

Material data

Heigth : 28 cm
Weigth : 942 grams


A similar coffee pot from the same silversmith is part of the collections of the Provinciaal Sterckshof Museum d’Antwerp (Belgium).

1737-1738_1025_caf_1 1737-1738_1025_caf_2 1737-1738_1025_caf_3