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Bernard de Leye Gallery

Collection: 1725 — Clock watch

1725 - Sorau (Germany)
Augustin Metzken
Clock watch


This watch has a silver gilt dial with roman numerals for the hours and arabic numerals for the minutes. The watch’s mechanisme comprises a verge escapement. It strikes the hours and quarters. The reverse is decorated with a finely chased and pierced cock with dolphins terminating with foliages and scrolls and a grotesque mask. On the silver gilt case, engraved and chased decoration with Hercules sat in the middle of architectural pieces. Running round the case a pierced border of scrolls and foliages. Large watches of this form are known as clock-watches. Their large size allowed them to be hung from a hook in a room and used as a clock when travelling.

Marks description

Movement description

The movement is signed AUGUSTIN METZKEN – Sorau (Germany) – circa 1730
A clock-watch by Metzken belongs to the Ashmolean Museum in London.


Augustin Metzken

Material data

Diameter : 9,7 cm
Weigth : 922 grams


Suspended inside the coach, this type of clock watch was generally rather large.

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