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Bernard de Leye Gallery

Collection: 1725 — Wine urn

1725 - Bruges (Belgium)
Marking with a flowered branch
Wine urn


Exceptional wine urn in the shape of urn. The octagonal base is decorated with eight lobes decorated with a central nervure, identical as on the top of the lid. The bowl is engraved with cartridges in palms spreading in valances with flagships inside, the whole is chiseled as amati plan. This fountain, with four faucets, is showing two silver mobile handles in form of double faced volutes.
This exceptional wine urn is the only one known and actually listed for the city of Bruges.

Marks description

~ Mark of the city of Bruges : a crowned lionhead + a gothic b
~ Date mark – letter V – standing for the years 1736/1737
~ Master silversmith marking with a flowered branch – known but not identified

Movement description


Marking with a flowered branch

Material data

Height : 47,5 cm
Base length: 14 cm
Weight : 3076 grams


This type of very ornamental object also called table urn was used as ornament for the table. Handles and faucets, completely realized in silver, show that these urn was intended for a cold liquid such as wine. This urn is not to be confused with a samovar which is a hot water fountain containing a central fireplace and carrying high feet so that a stove can be placed under the bottom and for which the use of wooden faucets is characteristic.

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