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Bernard de Leye Gallery

Collection: 1650 — Pair of spade-wax candle

1650 - Angers (France)
Jean Gallisson
Pair of spade-wax candle


The circular base shows an open frieze surmounted by a ruffle formed by alternated godrons. The knot wears foliages in its bottom, above a row of alternated acanthuses and egg-shaped. The lower snare is identical to the one of the bottom. The top is surrounded with leaves of acanthus. In the summit, a wide godronné bobèche shows in its center a copper spade-wax candle.
This type of object is very rare for the city of Angers, actually this pair of spade-wax candle is the only one known.

Marks description

~ Charge Angers – two keys in crowned necklace – Angers Juridiction
~ Décharge – a crown
~ Date mark ‘Jurande’ – letter V – standing for the year 1686
~ Master silversmith Jean Gallisson

Movement description


Jean Gallisson

Baptized in 1638, Jean Gallisson is received Master silversmith in Angers in 1665 by Lord Charlet. He is elected guard for ten years in 1674. He dies in 1695 and is interred in the church Saint-Maurille.

Material data

Height : 23,5 cm
Base diameter : 12,5 cm
Weight : 544 grams the pair


A similar pair of spade-wax candle is part of the collections of the Museum of the Decorative Arts of Paris. They are in the mark of Paris for the years 1639/1640 (Former collection Louis Carré and former collection Nicolas Landau-Inventaire 53100 A-B).

1686_piq_cierg_jean_gallison_02 1686_piq_cierg_jean_gallison_03 1686_piq_cierg_jean_gallison_04