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Bernard de Leye Gallery

Collection: 1650 — Hanap

1650 - Augsburg (Germany)
Andreas Meiting


The ivory of this mug is completely sculpted and represents the Triumph of the Church and the Faith over the Disbelief. The personification of the Church bases on a tank pulled by three horses. One of the horses is astride by an angel. Frames bring down the godless. The circular lid is lined by a silver-gilt frame. In the summit, we find an ivory putti holding in the hand a burning heart. Andreas Meiting’s mug is a part of the collections of the Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam.

Marks description

~ Mark of the city of Augsburg standing for the years 1684/1689
~ Master silversmith Andreas Meiting
~ Mark of the city of Rome standing for the years 1725/1734 or 1733/1744
~ Mark of the city of Rome for lower silvermark 761°/oo

Movement description


Andreas Meiting

Material data

Heigth : 35 cm
Base width : 19,5 cm


1684_iv_han_andreas_meiting_01 1684_iv_han_andreas_meiting_02 1684_iv_han_andreas_meiting_03 1684_iv_han_andreas_meiting_04 1684_iv_han_andreas_meiting_05 1684_iv_han_andreas_meiting_06