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Bernard de Leye Gallery

Collection: 1650 — Plaque - The crucifixion at Mount of Golgotha

1650 - Augsburg (Germany)
Elias Jäger
Plaque - The crucifixion at Mount of Golgotha


This magnificent plaque represents themes of the Passion of Christ, most frequently exploited in the art, it represents the Crucifixion in the Mount of Golgotha. This type of plaque was generally fixed to altarpieces or to large reliquaries.
The octagonal panel shows on each side of the cross of the Christ her mother, the Virgin, and the sister of her mother, Marie woman of Clopas. Marie-Madeleine is knelt down at the foot of the cross with his long rippling hair which is characteristic in its iconographic representations. At the two sides of the Christ, we find two other crosses as well as centurions with their horses of which one of them is Longin, in the background the crowd is treated with sharpness and discretion.
This completely pushed away and chiseled plaque has the peculiarity to have of strong relief elements in half-bumps. It allows a very realistic depiction in perspective, seizing faces and bodies such as imploring Marie-Madeleine getting loose from the group. This technique, reached with perfection by our German silversmith, allows to discover the wealth and the vigour of the composition under different angles.

Marks description

~ Mark of the city of Augsburg : a pine fruit
~ Master silversmith Elias Jäger : marking EI under a horn

Movement description


Elias Jäger

He is received Master silversmith in Augsburg in 1678 and dies in 1709.
Son of the silversmith Jakob II Jäger, master in 1653 and the grandson of the silversmith Jakob I Jäger, master in 1624.

Material data

Height : 31,5 cm
Width : 27,5 cm
Weight : 738 grams


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