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Bernard de Leye Gallery

Collection: 1600 — Paque – The whipping of the Christ

1600 - Flanders
Attributed to Arent Van Bolten
Paque – The whipping of the Christ


Rectangular plaque representing The whipping of the Christ.
A series of bronze plaques of same Master silversmith representing the Passion of the Christ are kept in the Rijksmuseum.

Marks description

~ Mark AVB attributed to Arent Van Bolten

Movement description


Attributed to Arent Van Bolten

Arent Van Bolten is nowhere recorded as silversmith however we find indications that he exercised silversmith’s trade thanks to drawings kept in British Museum under the indication Bolten von Swol.
Born to Zwolle probably in 1573, Arent Van Bolten is inspired by silversmiths of Leeuwarden. Numbers of these drawings are silversmith’s projects for cups, salt cellars, vases. He died before 1633.

Material data

Height : 14,7cm
Width : 10,4 cm
Weight : 59 grams


1600-1630_arent_van_bolten_01 1600-1630_arent_van_bolten_02