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Bernard de Leye Gallery

Collection: 1400 — Afflige

1400 - Tournai (Belgium)
Master silversmith marking with a lily flower


The polylobed Gothic frame is surrounded with a twist of branches. The front represents a man wearing a gothic armour with crakows. He’s holding his ceremonial sword. The shield was made in the XIXth century.
The face is leaned against a trunk added by an architectural pediment. The silver-gilt background is exceptionally engraved by foliages.
On the reverse embossed coat of arms of Charles Le Téméraire (Charles The Foolhardy). The coat of arms is surrounded with four trunks which represents Burgundy batons alternating with three pairs of sparks. The whole is added by a big lighter of Burgundy.

Marks description

- Mark of the city of Tournai for the years 1460/1480
- The marks of the XVth century are generally large-sized. The second mark of the city of Tournai (letter T) appeared only at the beginning of the XVIIth century, by 1609-1612
- Master silversmiths marking with lily flower included in an ecu, surmounted by a crown
- Mark of Recognition of the city of Lille before 1514.

Movement description


Master silversmith marking with a lily flower

Material data

Height : 18 cm
Width : 16 cm
Weight : 600 grams


1460-1480_tournai_fin_xveme_01 1460-1480_tournai_fin_xveme_02 1460-1480_tournai_fin_xveme_03 1460-1480_tournai_fin_xveme_04